Image of two iPhones hovering with the onboarding screen of the Samarra application on one and the home page of the Samarra application on the other.
First example of a young Samarra user wearing glasses and a beret.
Airbnb Payment Received Notification
First example of a young Samarra user wearing glasses and a beret.
Spending Analysis Chart displayed on Samarra application screen
Third example of a Samarra user, wearing a pink hat in front of a pink background
Notification displayed on iPhone screen after user successfully sends funds through the application.
Fourth example of a young Samarra user, who is wearing a turquoise moustache and looking directly into the camera.
Notification displayed on iPhone screen after user successfully receives funds through the application.

The new financial technology

Send and request funds in seconds. Manage your money with our spending analytics. Split bills and make secure online purchases.

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Samarra Iphone Onboarding Screen
Circular element with 2 minutes written within it, underlining one of the benefits provided by our platform: fast sign up and financial account creation.

Open a new account in two minutes.

  • Open an account from your phone in minutes, without a credit check.
    Clock Logo to imply a fast sign up process to Samarra.
  • Order your free card straight to your home to spend money locally or abroad.
    Card Logo to imply that users can use the application to achieve their financial purposes.
  • No lines, no pain, all from the comfort of your own home.
    Circle Logo to imply a sense of completion.
Samarra Iphone Home Screen
Minimalistic graph of Samarra users representing the financial transactions taking place between them.

Send and receive money in seconds, without hidden fees.

  • Send and request money to friends and family instantaneously.
    Arrow logo to imply that users may be able to send and request funds to other users.
  • Split bills for groceries, rent, restaurants, vacations, and much more.
    Bookmark logo to imply the different services that users can split their spending on.
Samarra Iphone Home Screen

Manage your money better, with our analytics.

  • Get instant spending notifications and see daily, weekly, and monthly insights to keep your spending on track.
    Bell logo implying that users will receive notifications if there are any issues.
  • Connect your other bank accounts to Samarra through Open Banking in order to manage all your finances from one place.
    Logo representing a multitude of squares, implying that users can connect their other accounts in order to get deeper insights into their financial habits.
Example of potential Samarra user. Person smiling at the camera with slicked back hair.
Example of a second potential Samarra user. A young woman staring at the camera in front of a purple background.
Example of a third potential Samarra user. A middle-aged man staring at the camera in front of a sea background.
Example of a fourth potential Samarra user. A young woman, smiling at the camera.
Example of a fifth potential Samarra user. A young woman with a pony tail, looking away from the camera towards the ground.
Example of a sixth potential Samarra user. A young man wearing a hat, smiling, and staring at the camera.
Samarra Iphone Application - Card Screen
Image of a financial services card with the Samarra logo imprinted upon it

Security is our top priority.

  • Lost your card? Block and unblock it instantly. Order a new card directly through the application.
    Logo of a smartphone, implying to the user that they may be able to use their device in order to lock the different features of their financial account.
  • With biometric identification and 3D secure technology, your data and money is safe.
    Shield logo, used to underline the security measures that are taken in order to ensure consumer protection and privacy.
  • 24/7 customer service at your fingertips. You trust us with your money, so we will make sure to be there whenever you need us.
    Headphone logo in order to underline that the customer service potentially provided by Samarra will strive to be as responsive and efficient in order to resolve customer problems and concerns.
Samarra Iphone - Rewards Screen
Example of a reward that would be displayed to our user throughout the application.

Earn rewards, as you send and spend.

  • Save money every day with our rewards program.
    Award logo, implying the possibility of receiving rewards through the use of the application.
  • Earn rewards you'll actually use on travel, retail, restaurants, and much more.
    Coffee logo, exemplifying the different rewards a customer may gain through the user of our application.
  • Unlock personalized new offers when you use your Samarra card.
    Key logo, implying that the customer, through the use of the application, may have access to an increasing number of reward programs.